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It has been a great time!

We have been on leave for about 10 days by now, and just as we gear up to end a 2 week break, we tell ourselves we’re just starting to rest – I’m sure you know the feeling!

We are grateful for times of fun, family & rest. We’ve enjoyed each other much and still class ourselves as the happiest family alive! The girls are such a delight in every way, they flavour us with their personalities, they keep us busy with lots of questions, they make our hearts melt more that what we thought possible. Anika is supermom! She is the dearest wife of my youth and we celebrate God and each other as we stay on this journey of faith, excitement, nerves and little bit of fear every now and again… only a little :-)

We are gearing up for this next leg in the walk of faith! Leading in the church is a great privilege, and so much more amongst people such as those part of the body of UCI. We love you all very much, we appreciate your partnership and look forward to the next phase of this journey God has put us on together!

Let’s hold on to that what is worth holding on to – the Old Gospel; Christ as the one and only redeemer - ever; the ancient life giving words of the Bible, uncompromised in our lives and church; each other as brothers & sisters…
Let’s not be afraid to let go of the things that aren’t worth holding on to – religion; traditions; sin; self gain & self righteousness; and you complete the list for yourself!

We look forward to be back from leave, and may the favour of God stay upon us! It is but by His grace, or we are in trouble!

Thought to close with this quote from John Newton I recently came across:

John Newton: I trust I have a remembrance in your prayers. I need them much: my service is great. It is, indeed, no small thing to stand between God and the people, to divide the word of truth aright, to give every one portion, to withstand the counter tides of opposition and popularity, and to press those truths upon others, the power of which, I, at times, feel so little of in my own soul. A cold, corrupt heart is uncomfortable company in the pulpit. Yet, in the midst of all my fears and unworthiness, I am enabled to cleave to the promise, and to rely on the power of the great Redeemer.

Much love from us



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Uitenhage, Church, Kerk, Gemeente, Jesus, Family, Churches, Port Elizabeth, Despatch