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How do you connect with God as a habit?

Let me name 2 frequent occurrences:
1. We are creatures of habit that likes patterns, programs, rituals, you name it. When this mixes with faith, the tendency is always to make it into a religious rhythm, which we don't want. We want our faith in God to be real, active, relevant, life-giving, and so on, and the challenge for us would be to keep this as such.
2. We also tend to over-react. We so much don't a faith that looks like religion, we steer far clear of any form of structure when meeting with God. At the beginning this is a great feeling, because it is nice without rules, and there was probably a shedding of a guilty conscience. However, there is often no sustainability in this, as prayer and reading is not done as often as is needed.

I am more convinced then ever before of the need for us to connect with God as much as we can. I do not want religious activity to drive me, and for my own sustainability I know how important it is to create the right habits, so the challenge would be to keep it real! My message to UCI has been, and still is - get down on you knees and dive yourself into the Word of God, and if that sounds religious, I am afraid Jesus is not in your theology. Any married couple will agree that the encouragement to spend time together is good for them, and that is merely what we are saying - spend as much time as you can with the lover of your soul - He is real, He is eager, and He longs for you!

I thought to put down a link to Tim Keller's blog. Great to read how a seasoned campaigner is doing it, and to see what he put in place to steer himself effectively through every day. This has worked for him, what works for you?

To read his comments on prayer, follow this link.

Keep praying!

Uitenhage, Church, Kerk, Gemeente, Jesus, Family, Churches, Port Elizabeth, Despatch